St. Joseph Tree Trimming, Topping and Pruning

Tree trimming, or pruning, is a tactic employed by our tree professionals and hobbyist gardeners alike. Much like a flower garden needs frequent tending to, a tree in its mature years will need its dead or dying branches trimmed back on an infrequent-but-regular basis, in order to maintain its integrity and health at its majestic old age.

Do your trees look their best? Could they be adding to your property’s aesthetic value, or would be if not for some unsightly withered branches that are hard to reach, or unsafe? For such questions, feel no hesitation to reach out and contact us. St. Joseph Tree Service Pros provides amongst its many procedures tree trimming that creates great results. From just small touch ups to a makeover rehab, we can come by and give that tree a look that gives it the glow of a plant in first bloom.

The issue with tree trimming is how simple it seems as a process. Property owners might believe that, like the flower garden, tree trimming can be simply performed with a few choice snips here and there. The error lies in believing any branches are fair game. But with the erroneous choice of performing dilution— the cutting of live branches in order to reduce density— a tree loses its wind resistance and becomes much more viable to become a player in storm damage.

Not knowing what branches to prune back are only one of the variables that can affect the outcome of a tree’s health and longevity. When one of our on-site professionals perform a tree trimming, we go for the crown of the tree, in specific ordained areas, in order to increase airflow (to prevent disease and rot) and have the tree gain resistance in storm winds. This allows the tree to live and stand longer, and more beautifully in your lawn! Removing excess branches in key spots additionally create opportunities for greater amounts of light penetration through the tree from top down, becoming a benefactor for growth in grass and various other flora that coexist harmoniously with the tree in your landscape.

The tree’s limbs can also grow to cause obstructions, blocking access to parts of your property or becoming an imposition on power lines. Our company is employed with members of the team with encyclopedic knowledge of utilities companies’ standards in regards to power line interference, and are sent in with the crew to ensure your trees are within compliance. The unruly limbs of a tree can also grow out to the point where the tree trunk’s stability becomes threatened, weakening its overall integrity and posing as a potential risk to property and bystanders. We are trained to handle these situations swiftly and effectively with tree cabling and tree bracing methods.

Tree trimming is performed with a variety of tools in effect such as ladders, loppers and extendable saws— we use all of them in order to access every part of the tree, address its health, look and risk, and so that we can give it that perfect trim.

It should be noted that, while tree trimming is offered year round with us, much like all of our other services, some tree species are more equipped to ably handle trimming only at certain times of the year than others. When during the initial inspection of determining the tree’s species and overall evaluation for health, we will advise you on whether immediate action be taken or whether it would be more ideal to wait until a later date.

If your tree needs pruning or has some irregularities in its growth that you are unsure of how to best approach, please give us a call! We’ll be happy to send over our specialists to do a free inspection and provide a free quote.