St. Joseph Tree Planting

Does your property look a little..sparse? Do you feel like it could be much improved and a great value adder to your home to add some greenery? Do you just want to see some new life or change in the place? Give us a call today! We’ll handle all of that research and detailed planning that is required for the planting and transplanting of trees. Our teams have a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring the proper planting of the suitable species, the right soil, the right conditions, and the best match for your property’s looks and needs.

If you are seeking to introduce a new tree to spice up the landscape, we are available for a free property inspection to first determine what tree species will be ideal and ably thrive in your yard. We then simply obtain the tree species in question, plant it, and walk away, letting you enjoy the beautifying effects of the tree and its lustrous leaves fanning over your yard. If in case you already know what tree you would like or have transplanted, we will happily work with you in order to get the job done.

A new tree requires thorough consideration of a number of variables. The fabric of the landscape features are put into consideration, as especially in a smaller yard one cannot immediately plant a tree that will eventually grow into a mammoth. There are also factors like climate, soil, humidity, available sunlight and weather zones, and micro-climates. We also take care to consider thoughtfully the desired aesthetics of the landscape overall, and what will look best to you and for the home value in order to improve upon its appearance, and maybe even cover up some more unsightly neighboring fences and power cables within street view.

Planting and transplanting can be a tricky process, and one that requires some quality experience. Depth is too often skimmed over as a factor but can be integral to the healthy growth of a tree and its continuous thriving.

Why bother at all, you ask? There are so many variables, so many factors! We take care of all of these issues to be solved and followed upon, and for such good reason. Trees are relatively low cost and low maintenance, especially when given proper nurturing in its growth and the maintenance due to an older one that has reigned in the area for centuries. And, for all their low maintenance, low key vibes, they can completely transform a space’s appearance, last for generations, and provide a link between you and future generations to come. The inviting appearance of the right tree in your yard encourages brain activity and exploration in children and pets, a sense of naturalism and closeness, the brightening present of friendly wildlife like songbirds, and create a flourish of balanced air quality utilizing the tree’s significant greenhouse gas absorption abilities.

If you are interested in a tree planting or transplanting, give St. Joseph Tree Service Pros a call and we will come to inspect your property and engage with you a discussion on your options.

Following a tree planting, we are also available to offer tree fertilization and pruning services as well.