St. Joseph Tree Health Analysis

Trees can live for ages and ages, outliving most of our lives and providing a sense of closeness and gravitas to both our present and past. In order for their lives to be optimized for that length and healthy lushness of vitality, we make it an important part of our duties to be proactive and enforce proactive care throughout their lifespan.

This may include disease/pest treatment or prevention, fertilization, and all manners of techniques that assert the expertise of our tree professionals. We are able and trained in identifying the health of your trees and determining the best course of action for maintaining that health.

Tree disease is a common issue that comes in many forms and sizes, and surprisingly often it will go ignored or unnoticed. In this region our trees tend to become afflicted with diseases such as Anthracnose, Chlorosis, Dutch Elm Disease, and Cytospora Cankers. There are ways to diagnose these that our professionals undertake during the analysis and evaluation of your landscape, but tell-tale signs to look for in a potentially diseased tree are discoloration in leaves, dead branches or dieback, irregular leaf growth/size, chipping bark, mushroom/fungal activity, cankers, and early leaf drop. Some of these symptoms can of course be explained by simpler and less severe-sounding causes than tree disease, but noticing several of these symptoms should be enough to prompt you to call a service. Please reach out to us and we will help you diagnose and quickly treat the tree for its best recovery!

Pests are rampant, with different kinds plaguing different types of greenery wherever you may go. The tinier, more insidious ones can end up on your tree and wreak havoc on its mighty structure. Common pest infestation signs on a tree are holes, chewed or ragged leaves, silk webs woven into branches, and leaf curling or dieback. Pests common to the region are aphids, cankerworms, Japanese settles, tent caterpillars, whiteflies, bagworms, and borers. We work to prevent and eliminate pest presence through methods of insecticides, soap and oil treatments, injections, and traps.

We at St.Joseph Tree Service Pros believe in holistic treatment in tree healthcare, which is why we will always perform our best in sending out our top representatives in assessing a tree fully, giving every factor and aspect its due accord in respect to the tree’s health, and taking the safest measures first. We pride ourselves for being environmentally responsible and resort to chemical usage only when absolutely necessary.

If you notice anything unusual in your tree or signs of it being afflicted by pests or disease, or are interested in the fertilization services we provide, reach out today at 314-582-8950! We are here to help, and look forward to hearing from you.