Tree Trimming and Pruning   

We provide quality tree trimming and tree pruning services performed by expert arborists, who want what is best for your specific yard/landscaping situation, budget, and layout needs.  Trimming is an important routine that benefits not only in the aesthetic appearance of your tree and yard but also aids in preventing disease as well. We also specialize in tree cabling and tree bracing that are compliant with the latest standards and guidelines set by your local utilities/service providers.   

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal   

Is there an old, unsightly stump sitting on your lawn, sticking out like a sore thumb? Do you have difficulty mowing your lawn while navigating a maze of old roots and previous homeowners’ decisions to neglect the maintenance of their property’s appearance? Are there pests residing in this old stump? It doesn’t have to be a problem you need contend with any more! We are able to perform services to grind stumps, or simply remove them clean. Grinding and removing stumps is a maneuver that will allow you to perform much more seamless yard maintenance and gardening on your property. If it is so desirable, we can also do a bundled service at a discount and perform tree cutting and stump together, making for an efficient tree removal process and a clean slate for your yard.   

Emergency Tree Service   

There can be many unfortunate, unforeseen effects of flood, tornado and storm damage to your property. When disaster strikes— St Joseph Tree Service is here to answer your call. The damages caused by unexpected storms are wide and varied—tree limbs and sometimes entire trees can be blown onto your yard, home, car, fence, or other possessions. These can potentially cause major damage. Whether it be preventative measures or the simple fact that you couldn’t foresee something this destructive happening to a tree that may have been  diseased and rotted for years before you ever moved into your home, you can be sure that we  are a call away to provide safe and quick tree removal of any arboreal issues, and that you can  refocus on getting your lot in order and back on track. We will also work with you to answer questions and provide options to ensure the proper precautions before storm season, using assessment and tree analysis by one of our tree doctor experts. Your insurance company is also part of the equation, and we will work with them to provide a seamless service to provide safety, beautification, and the preservation of your home.   

Tree Planting   

We are not only about removing trees— we love planting them! Both residential and business properties often can be sparse-looking and in obvious need of some greenery to provide a  more attractive appearance. Our Tree Service’s arborists are horticultural experts on tree planting and fertilization. We can assist in the selection of the perfect tree for your yard, and proceed to quickly have it planted and growing. Our crew is also available to give you advice on the proper fertilization and maintenance of your trees, to keep them growing, healthy,  beautiful, and disease-free for years to come!   

Tree Health   

Tree diseases are unfortunately rampantly common as a problem for the homeowner. Our company employs some select certified experts who are able to come onsite and diagnose any illnesses the tree may have, and whether it is treatable, or further measures must be taken.  They are here to help you take the proper precautions and also nurse your trees back to health.  Signs of disease include discoloration, leaf wilt, patches of dead bark, and leaves with soot/mold. Members of our staff will be available to provide knowledge on tree fertilization and offer their services to treat these common symptoms. If you are concerned about the health of your trees or just wish to have them evaluated for diagnosis, give us a call today.    Is there a sickly tree on your front yard, or have you spotted any indications of disease? We employ a staff of knowledgeable, veritable tree doctors who can provide a free and complete analysis, diagnosing any possible ailments and determining the steps to be taken to either recover your tree’s health and/or remove it entirely, should it prove necessary.  If the tree is already dead: A tree that has clearly passed beyond its lifespan and is taking up lot space as a potential hazard to your home must generally be cut down. Homeowners are not advised to take on this often dangerous and time-consuming task by themselves without the aid of expert knowledge or outside assistance. Our staff of experienced tree cutters provides a  holistic style of maintenance in line with the highest of safety standards anywhere! We are  known to make a point in utilizing only the most proven, dependable tree care ‘best practices.’  We will do everything to preserve the beauty of your property and the natural elements that enrich its value and quality. There have been instances past customers may attest to, where we will haul unwanted wood, create practical and useable wood chipping, or, following the completion of a project, leave stacks of excess wood for you to use and enjoy for firewood.    If you’re entertaining the idea of new trees to be introduced to the property for renewal and beautification, we are ready to answer your call! Tree removal is not our only specialization; we handily take on tree planting and fertilization landscaping services as well. Not sure of what tree species will work best for your yard, water supply or maintenance schedules? Contact us and one of our arborists on staff will be excited to help evaluate the conditions of your property and to identify the best course of action, the best tree for the job and environmental  AND aesthetic factors; and all done by the best tree service company around!    Emergency tree services are an unfortunately necessary service in the aftermath of a storm and storm damage. Our tree experts are ably efficient in the removal of trees and tree limbs from houses, cars, and miscellaneous associated property.    Healthy trees and thriving yards are a privilege we at St. Joseph Tree Services love to provide for our families and communities here. Well-tended trees especially can bring enormous aesthetic and market value to an area, are yard additions that guarantee encouraging gentle exploration and mental/physical stimulation for children and pets, and often can invite the presence of desirable avian species like songbirds. Trees reduce greenhouse emissions and maintain good air quality, so you and your loved ones can breathe easier. All the more easier, knowing St. Joseph Tree Services has done its duty and professional service in creating a safe, beautiful environment for you in your residence or business. We love trees, and that’s why we ’re committed to saving the ones we can and removing the ones too far gone if necessary.  Our company can be counted on for a lush, well-maintained property with beautiful,  unobtrusive and healthy trees. Call today for one of our tree professionals to come by for a free tree or yard analysis and quote.