St. Joseph Emergency Tree Services

There can be many unfortunate, unforeseen effects of flood, tornado and storm damage to your property. When disaster strikes— St Joseph Tree Service is here to answer your call. The damages caused by unexpected storms are wide and varied—tree limbs and sometimes entire trees can be blown onto your yard, home, car, fence, or other possessions. These can potentially cause major damage. Whether it be preventative measures or the simple fact that you couldn’t foresee something this destructive happening to a tree that may have been  diseased and rotted for years before you ever moved into your home, you can be sure that we  are a call away to provide safe and quick tree removal of any arboreal issues, and that you can  refocus on getting your lot in order and back on track. We will also work with you to answer questions and provide options to ensure the proper precautions before storm season, using assessment and tree analysis by one of our tree doctor experts. Your insurance company is also part of the equation, and we will work with them to provide a seamless service to provide safety, beautification, and the preservation of your home.